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Members of the community wishing to address the Board of Trustees at a public board meeting regarding other issues of concern to the education system may, as per Board Bylaws, submit an application form.  For more information please contact Board Services.

Individuals and groups are scheduled as applications are received.  Presentations will be a maximum 10 minutes for an approved delegation representing a School Council, or a Home and School Association in good standing, and 5 minutes for individuals or representatives of any other organization/group.

Please be advised that while applications continue to be accepted, public delegations are not completed at every scheduled Board meeting. 

 Attendance Area Reviews

For details about how to participate, please visit the corresponding websites for each review:


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 Student Dress Policy (New)
 2024 May 27  Public Input
 Student Dress Procedure (New)
 2024 May 27  Public Input
 School Councils Policy (3016)  2024 May 27  Public Input
 School Councils Procedure (3016a)  2024 May 27  Public Input

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