Public Input

Seeking Public Input

The Board welcomes and values public input from students, parents, and members of the community about Board policies, practices, issues and its overall education system.

Applications for Public Delegations to the Board

Members of the community wishing to address the Board of Trustees at a public board meeting regarding other issues of concern to the education system may, as per Board Bylaws, submit an application.  For more information please contact Corporate Services.

Individuals and groups are scheduled as applications are received.  Presentations will be a maximum 10 minutes for an approved delegation representing a School Council, or a Home and School Association in good standing, and 5 minutes for individuals or representatives of any other organization/group.

Items Seeking Written Public Input

Draft Items
Input Deadline

 Elementary and Secondary Native Language Staffing and Program Delivery Independent Procedure

 Sunday December 15, 2019 Public Input 

Development and Management of Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Procedure

 Sunday November 10, 2019 Public Input

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