Public Input

Announcement regarding Board meetings during COVID-19 school closures   

Seeking Public Input

The Board welcomes and values public input from students, parents, and members of the community about Board policies, practices, issues and its overall education system. 

Renaming of Schools

The public is invited to submit suggested names for:

  1. The new school being built in Southeast London (located at 2541 Meadowgate Blvd.,in the neighbourhood known as Summerside); and
  2. For consideration, the renaming Tweedsmuir Public School.

Submit your suggestions by clicking here.

Proposed names should provide an inspiration to students and promote a positive image of the Thames Valley District School Board.

GUIDELINES FOR NAMING OF SCHOOLS (in no order of preference):

  • The historical name, if any, which applies to the area in which the school is located;
  • Historical Indigenous leaders and/or Indigenous geographical place names;
  • Individuals recognized as having made a significant contribution to society, in particular through promoting equity and inclusion, and who reflect the identities and experiences of students and families in the school community;
  • The name of the street on which the school is located; or
  • The name of the community/area the school is to serve.

2021-2022 Budget

The Thames Valley District School Board invites parents/guardians, students, staff and community members to provide input into the development of the Board’s 2021/2022 Budget.  The survey can be accessed at the following link: TVDSB 2021-22 Budget Consultation Survey

Comments and feedback will be compiled in a report and shared with the Board of Trustees and Senior Administration. The survey is voluntary, anonymous and takes just a few minutes to complete

Policies and Procedures

Draft Items
Input Deadline
Accommodation Policy April 26, 2021 Public Input
Accommodation Procedure April 26, 2021

Public Input

Early Identification and Intervention of Children's Learning Needs Independent Procedure (#9018) April 26, 2021

Public Input


Members of the community wishing to address the Board of Trustees at a public board meeting regarding other issues of concern to the education system may, as per Board Bylaws, submit an application.  For more information please contact Corporate Services.

Individuals and groups are scheduled as applications are received.  Presentations will be a maximum 10 minutes for an approved delegation representing a School Council, or a Home and School Association in good standing, and 5 minutes for individuals or representatives of any other organization/group.

Please be advised that while applications continue to be accepted, public delegations are deferred until the May scheduled Board meeting.


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