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Board Polices Under Review: Status

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism

Under Review by Administration

Exclusion of a Student Policy 

Public Input Requested

Field Trips and Excursions (5008)

Under Review by Administration

Video Surveillance Policy (2017)

Under Review by Administration

Equitable Recruitment, Selection and Promotion of Staff Policy (3018)


Display of Flags Procedure (2033)


Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals Policy (5018)

Administrative Procedures Under Review: Status

Video Surveillance Procedure (2017a)

Under Review by Administration

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism Procedure

Under Review by Administration

Exclusion of a Student Procedure

Public Input Requested

Early Identification of Children's Learning Needs Independent Procedure (9018)

Under Review by Administration

English As a Second Language/English Literacy Development Teacher (ESL/ELD) Staffing Allocations Independent Procedure (9027)


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Independent Procedure (9056) 


Exemption From Instruction Related to the Human Development and Sexual Health Expectations in the Ontario Curriculum Independent Procedure 

Public Input Requested

Equitable Recruitment and Selection of Staff Procedure (3018a)


Display of Flags Procedure (2033a)


Student Use of Guide Dogs and Serivce Animals Procedure (5018a)

What is a Board Policy?
A Board policy is a statement or position adopted by the Board that provides the framework for a course of action. It is a commitment by which the Board is held accountable to its public.
What is an Administrative Procedure?
An Administrative procedure is a course of action developed to implement and support an approved Board policy.
What is an Independent Administrative Procedure?
An independent Administrative procedure is a process to handle issues where an accompanying Board policy is not required.
What is a Guideline?
A guideline is a recommended action that may be taken in a given situation.
What is a Protocol?
A protocol is a process which sets out the operating norms for an interaction between the Board and its external public.
How do we create policies?

Creating a Board policy can be a lengthy process. It must be effective, concise and comprehensive and the Board's internal and external stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input into its development.

Depending on the issue, it may take several months to move through the various stages before being presented to the Board for approval. An important role of the Board is to ensure that clear and consistent Board policies are in place in order to provide a framework for its operations. The process of policy development includes open communication between the Board and its students, staff, parents and communities.

What is the draft Board policy approval process?

An issue is identified and a draft is written by the appropriate department of the Board.
The draft is considered by the Policy Working Committee.

Following any amendments to the draft, it is posted on the Board's website for public input-usually for a two-month period.

The draft is returned to the Policy Working Committee noting any public input received.
If no further amendments are required, the approved draft is referred to the next Board meeting for approval.

The approved Board policy is posted on the Board's website under Policies/Procedures/Independent Procedures.

What is the Policy Working Committee?

The Policy Working Committee initiates and/or considers draft Board policies related to the Board's operations and philosophies and makes recommendations for approval to the Board. It receives draft procedures and independent procedures for discussion and may offer suggestions for consideration by the originating department.

The Committee is responsible for directing the maintenance of accurate and current records of all Board policies and may conduct a review of policies every three years or when referred to the Committee for review. It normally meets the fourth Tuesday of each month during the school year.

When can I give input on a draft Board policy?
Public input is an important part of the Board's approval process in providing valuable feedback on policies being reviewed or under consideration. Offering your comments provides the Board with a broader understanding of the issues surrounding the draft document.



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