New Northwest London School - Questions and Responses

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Comment 2: As a person paying premium to be in the north end of the city for the kids to go to school up here, having my kids being sent to the east end is not ideal for us. So with the new school going up in the area, we need to know how long it is going to take as I think it should be urgent to get a school up immediately. Is there any update on when this school could be up for?

Response 2: The Capital Priorities Program requires school boards in Ontario to go through the Ministry of Education Capital Approval Process. As of January 11, 2023, TVDSB has received approvals for floor plans and are currently in the design phase. We will be updating the school community once we move further along the Capital Approval Process and are able to better understand construction timelines. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to the main page for any updates.

Comment 1: Having watched the presentation of the site plan and layout for the new northwest school, I am concerned about the amount of exposure the building will be getting from East, South and West sun.

Are there plans to have sufficient landscaping in order to provide shade trees in order to assist with the overall need to cool the building and provide a good atmosphere for the students? Is there a plan to have window tint for the library as there will be sufficient sun fade as it is facing south? 

Response 1: Thanks for your question. Shading for the building will be provided through a combination of landscaping (to provide shade in warmer months), window tints to reduce heat gain, as well as building overhangs, which shade the window openings, particularly for the Learning Commons. Our consulting team utilizes a modelling program to ensure that heat gain is reduced as much as possible through the building design, while still providing views to the outdoors.


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