National Volunteer Week

Thank you to our amazing TVDSB Volunteers

Amy Lacefield

Amy has been volunteering with the Healthy Snack Program at Wortley Road Public School for the past three years. The snack program is run by volunteers who prepare healthy snacks to serve the school population. These items are completely cost free to the students.

As a volunteer, she heads to the grocery store and buys the food to be prepared in the morning for the students at Wortley Road. Since the goal of the snack program is an integral part of supporting students' learning, we are thankful for Amy's participation.

For Amy, volunteering her time is nothing but rewarding.


Niki McLeaming

Niki has been volunteering with Wortley Road for three years now. She is a vital part of the Healthy Snacks Program.

The Healthy Snack Program is offered free to all students at Wortley Road Public School.

A successful snack program depends on its volunteers to maintain its existence. Niki prepares snacks for each student in the school three times a week.

Niki's favourite part about volunteering is that it provides her a way to give back to her community.


Holly MacLean

Holly began volunteering in September for Wortley Road Public School's Healthy Snack Program. She contributes to the well-being of students throughout the school, and works tirelessly to ensure they have optimal food choices. She is also a member of the Home and School Board, raising money towards various school needs.

Schools depend on people like Holly to maintain the support needed to give students the optimum learning environment.


Bob Smale

Bob Smale has been coaching Lord Dorchester's archery team for over 20 years.  He consistently coaches his students twice a week, and helps them find their individual talent.  He has worked with different teachers over the years to ensure that the archery team is meeting and exceeding their goals.

Additionally, Bob has helped to create many of the safety guidelines that exist in outdoor archery for secondary students. He loves how coaching provides him the opportunity to see students grow as individuals, and  he tailors his teaching to each style of their learning.


Heather Derks

Heather currently co-chairs the Home and School Association and has been volunteering in Sparta PS classrooms for over five years.  She continues to look for opportunities to make public education better and volunteers to provide feedback to provincial organizations working with the ministry.

Heather was essential in the creation of a Peace Garden at Sparta PS.  She worked tirelessly with their Garden Club to tend and harvest vegetables, then contributed crops to Sparta PS' Snack Program. She also  donated crops to the Grace Café - a local cafe for those in need. Sparta PS students were awarded the Central Elgin Greening Gold Medal Award thanks to Heather's efforts.

As principal Esther Wendel-Caraher highlighted, "Heather is what we would call a shining light in our school community.  Every member of our school community has been profoundly and positively impacted by her willingness to shine that light at our school and I am inspired and so grateful that she has chosen to share her talents and time with us!"


Ingrid Bygden

For more than seven years, Ingrid has volunteered her time to Oxbow PS in the library, on field trips, on numerous home and school committees, and for fundraising events.

One of Ingrid's major volunteer commitments is co-coordinating and distributing Oxbow's lunch program.   Twice a week she volunteers countless hours ensuring that hot healthy lunches are ordered, delivered and distributed to over 500 Oxbow students.   Ingrid's "can do" attitude makes her a valued volunteer who is passionate about giving back.

As Oxbow's principal Carol Edy said, "One of Ingrid's most valuable assets has been her friendly and cheerful disposition, resulting in attracting new volunteers to our school as well as infusing the present volunteers with her enthusiasm."

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