Message from the Director of Education

Welcome to the Thames Valley District School Board's Annual Report for 2017. I hope you will be inspired by the stories illustrating the work of our students and staff who bring our commitments of innovation, diversity and celebrations of achievement to life. Our four strategic priorities are outlined in the 2016 - 2019 Multi-Year Operational Plan. For each priority, we have developed an overarching goal that guides our work towards fulfilling each priority.

Staff continue to make significant progress in our strategic priorities of mathematics learning, as well as rethinking secondary learning. Every single day, the demonstrations of mathematics learning by our students and staff are evident in our schools. As well, an exciting new teacher-driven initiative, which we have fondly named 'School Within a School', is proving to be a game changer for many students. 

New technologies enable staff to accelerate learning for our students. The chromebook project in seven secondary schools is just one example. This initiative will be monitored and tracked over the course of the school year, with the intent of involving a greater number of schools in subsequent years.

Reframing our Responses - an initiative which involved all elementary schools last year - will be expanded to include all secondary schools this year. We know that as we better understand the individual needs of our learners, their chances of success also improve.

Equity and inclusion, a foundational tenant in Thames Valley, has been demonstrated at all levels of the board - governance, administration and programming. While we know we have much more to do to ensure that all students, staff and school communities feel safe, respected, welcomed and valued, we have made significant gains over the past year. In September 2017, for example, we welcomed Tsista Kennedy, Canada's first Indigenous Student Trustee to our Board.

I am extremely proud of the work of our staff, parents/guardians and community partners as we create new learning opportunities for our students. Together, we will 'Build Each Student's Tomorrow, Every Day.'


Laura Elliott
Director of Education



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