Improving math results in our Thames Valley classrooms involves the commitment of all staff throughout the organization. It requires staff to be knowledgeable about the mathematics curriculum, as well as utilize instructional strategies which engage students in their learning to make meaning of mathematics.

Within our district, we remain committed to building staff capacity in mathematics. Initiatives which target professional learning through networking and coaching opportunities have been met with enthusiasm and success among Thames Valley staff. Designated mathematics leads in every elementary school, as well as our system Instructional Coaches and Learning Facilitators are part of the team ensuring that mathematics is the focus in all schools.

If you visit an elementary school you will see and hear evidence of mathematics learning with all staff and students.  Thames Valley secondary schools are working on improving mathematics instruction to make greater achievement gains for our grade 9 and 10 students. Additional networking and coaching opportunities for secondary mathematics teachers supports the use of a variety of instructional strategies. The use of innovative math software by our students and teachers is being monitored and tracked by our research department. Other mathematics tools and resources are also used to engage our students in their learning.

Support at Home

The research is clear that achievement is also impacted by the involvement of parents/guardians in their children's learning. Many of our schools have offered Mathematics Nights for parents to come together with educators to learn more about how to support their children's mathematics learning.

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