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In Thames Valley, we recognize that leaders are change agents who can transform our organization.  They are innovators and catalysts who help us to become better.  They are excellent communicators who model the skills of the Ontario Leadership Framework.  They put our students first.  


‘Leadership of Self'– This series of 4 after school sessions (4pm to 7pm at the Education Centre) explores the characteristics and skills of effective leaders. Areas explored will include, but are not limited to, relationship-building, communication, and shared visioning. We will examine how these can be developed in ourselves to enhance our leadership abilities. Completed Declaration form must be completed and submitted to SSD prior to registering in the portal. 


Permanent Employee with 4 years of experience. Participants are required to complete the LEAD Development declaration form to be signed by Principal/Manager/Supervisor/Superintendent 

New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)
The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) supports the growth and professional development of new teachers. The NTIP consists of the following induction elements: orientation for all new teachers to the school and school board; mentoring for new teachers by experienced teachers and professional development and training. Please Contact SSD for more information on NTIP. 
Supervisory Officer Internship Program (SOIP)
The Supervisory Officer Internship Program (SOIP) is a multi-year program consisting of specific training, mentoring, job shadowing, and work experience.  Candidates participating in the program will have opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the role and commitment required of a Senior Team of lead learners to further excellence within the Thames Valley District School Board.
Equity and Leadership
Great Leaders are champions for Equity.  Through this program, participants from Thames Valley will learn about leadership with a specific focus on inclusion, anti-racism and anti-oppression.  Participants will explore and learn about how privilege, power and oppression result in inequitable outcomes for marginalized students, staff and communities.  Structures that perpetuate the marginalization of students, staff and community will be critically analyzed.  Leaders will learn strategies to engage all voices through an equity lens with the goal of implementing concrete actions to interrupt systemic barriers and support the use of culturally relevant approaches and resources. 


Promotional Practices for School Administration

Promotional Practices for School Administration

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