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In Thames Valley, we know that cultivating leadership is essential for long-term success.  By providing opportunities for leaders to stretch and challenge themselves, we encourage job-embedded growth.  We connect our leaders with mentors and coaches.  We provide our leaders with extensive opportunities for reflection and learning. 


‘Leadership from Self to System” - This series of 4 after school sessions (4:15pm to 7:30pm at the Education Centre virtually through Teams) explores leading at a school, department, or system level. Sessions will be aligned with the TVDSB strategic priorities. Participants will reflect on their leadership strengths and gaps with relation to the Ontario Leadership Framework. The sessions focus on exploring leadership theories and connecting them to practice within participants’ roles at TVDSB. Completion of LEAD 1 is a prerequisite, including submission of Exit form. 


Completion of Part 1 is a prerequisite, including the signature of the direct supervisor or superintendent.   


‘Leadership of System’ - This series of 4 after school sessions (4:15pm to 7:30pm at the Education Centre virtually through Teams) explores leadership from a system perspective focusing on a personal leadership initiative. Participants will have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor who will help them develop a plan of action for their future leadership aspirations. Any job-shadowing opportunities will expose participants to different opportunities within TVDSB. Completion of LEAD 2 is a prerequisite, including submission of Exit Form. 


Participation is contingent on completion of the previous 2 Parts and superintendent signature. 

New Administrator Program 1 and 2

The two year-long New Administrator program supports administrators who are new to both the VP and Principal roles. Session topics include instructional leadership, TVDSB initiatives, legislative requirements, and operational components of the role. Please contact SSD for more information on New Administrator Program. 


New Admin Year 1: Full day session for all first-year school administrator (VP and Principals).  The full day focuses on personal leadership development and operational leadership. Personal leadership development using the Ontario Leadership Framework, Predictive Index and other relevant resources to support new admin as they become self-reflective understanding their strengths and areas of growth.  The operational component of the day focuses on having presenters share information around the various portfolios such as Special Educations, Finance, Health and Safety, Human Resources and a variety of others. 


New Admin Year 2: Half day sessions for all school administrators in their second year in the role.  These month half days provide further opportunities to allow the second-year admin to reflect on their own personal leadership skills and how to best support the community, staff and students.  The operational development components allow for a deeper look at the policies and procedures that are connected to the daily routines of leading a school.   

Predictive Index (PI)

The Predictive Index measures behavioural drives in the areas of dominance, extraversion, patience and formality. After completing the PI candidates will get a reference profile that provides a snapshot of the way they think and work. There is no ranking; one profile is not better or worse than another.

For more information on the Predictive Index you can visit: https://predictiveindex.com

The PI results will be used to help administrators to understand each other better and work better together. It will be used to ensure that the Vice Prinicipals, Principals and Superintendents all have a greater understanding of each other's perspectives to create a more productive workplace for all.  

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