Laura Gonzalez

Trustee Laura GonzalezLaura Gonzalez was appointed to the Board of Trustees in December 2021, representing London Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13. Since 2014, Laura has held various roles within School Councils and Home & School Associations, including President of the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations (TVCHSA). Laura studied electronics and communications engineering in Mexico where she was born. She received her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan working in rehabilitation engineering with individuals who required the use of assistive technology. After moving to London, she received her Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics at Western University while conducting research in spinal cord injury and magnetic resonance imaging. Laura is passionate about education, communication, and community engagement and is currently a Community Research Coordinator at Western University’s BrainsCAN initiative. 

Laura came to London 15 years ago and is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion best practices in the school system that support learning opportunities for all students. She is the proud mother of one Thames Valley District School Board student and one graduate.

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  • Aberdeen Public School
  • Arthur Ford Public School
  • Byron Northview Public School
  • Byron Somerset Public School
  • Byron Southwood Public School
  • Clara Brenton Public School
  • Eagle Heights Public School
  • Emily Carr Public School
  • Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion Public School
  • John Dearness Public School
  • Lambeth Public School
  • Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School
  • Masonville Public School
  • Riverside Public School
  • Sir Arthur Currie Public School
  • Sir Isaac Brock Public School
  • W. Sherwood Fox Public School
  • West Oaks French Immersion Public School
  • Westmount Public School
  • Wilfrid Jury Public School
  • Central Secondary School
  • H.B. Beal Secondary School
  • Oakridge Secondary School
  • Saunders Secondary School
  • Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

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