From the Director

Hi. I’m Mark, the new Director of Education for Thames Valley District School Board. I am thrilled to be here and to serve the students and staff of Thames Valley.

I have spent the past few months learning about the great things that all of you have accomplished. I have learned that Thames Valley is a special place. It is full of bright, inspirational leaders and innovative, community-minded learners and I am proud to be part of it.

Welcome back! I look forward to working with our students and staff to build momentum behind our strategic priorities of achievement, well-being, relationships, equity and diversity.

These priorities are supported by our operational goals. They ensure that we remain responsive and relevant to the needs of our students. We will continue to identify barriers, support our students with individualized learning experiences, build communities and have high expectations. For everyone.

Our core business is student achievement. We strive to meet the needs of ALL students and encourage our staff to be positive as we create conditions for learning together. Our commitment is that students of Thames Valley District School Board are successful.

I am excited to be visiting our schools each week and cannot wait to see teaching and learning in action. I know our communities are exceptional and I look forward to seeing all of you this year.

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