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The Caring Fund
 The Thames Valley Education Foundation (TVEF) has established The Caring Fund in order to respond to emergency requests by principals on behalf of students in need, or who are facing issues related to poverty.

Student Benefits:

  • Supports students in times of emergency and/or dire need
  • Positively impacts the physical health and the ability to focus academically
  • Builds self esteem
  • Builds social/physical/emotional resilience through participation in extra curricular activities


Examples of some REAL issues requiring support:

  • Student reported to be skipping lunch in order to save money in home
  • Secondary student emancipated and living independently - money for groceries
  • Elementary boy who wears mom's clothes to school due to financial constraints needs money for some warm weather clothing
  • House fire, where 3 students need help for school related supplies and clothing
  • A co-op student needing money for a criminal record check and clothes for placement
  • Student of divorced parents cannot afford to attend his Father's funeral taking place in a different city.


Grant Submission Process

Submission Eligibility

Guiding Principles
  1. Does this request represent an emergency need for a student and/or his/her family that cannot be easily met by other community support systems?
  2. Does this request support the elimination of barriers to learning?
  3. Does this request support a temporary crisis situation - this funding will help to bridge a gap until ongoing long-term support is in place?
  4. Procedure 
  5. The Principal shall apply for funding by filling out the Caring Fund form found on the Employee Portal. To ensure we can meet the needs of our schools requests will not exceed $500.00 and should be appropriate for the level of support required. 
  6. In recognition of the urgent nature of these funding requests, the time between receipt of the request and approval notification will be 24-48 hours.
  7. Cheques will be issued directly to the school Principal to ensure that emergency needs can be met quickly and without extensive paperwork. In special cases where the use of funds may not be appropriate, alternative arrangements can be made with TVEF staff directly. 
  8. There is no limit to the number of requests that can be made annually by each school. However, in recognition of the great need in our schools, Principals should not request more than $500 per school year for any individual student. 
  9. Receipts for services/items outlined in the request must be forwarded to the Foundation office within 30 days for auditing purposes. It is recommended to purchase gift cards or vouchers, when possible.
  10. Other sources of funding must be explored before applying for emergency funding from TVEF.
  11. Any funds not used must be returned in the form of a cheque addressed to the Thames Valley Education Foundation.
  12. The Foundation will issue such funds as long as funds are available.
Request Form
All Caring Fund requests must be submitted by school Principals.


The Learning Enhancement Fund

The Thames Valley Education Foundation established the Learning Enhancement Fund to provide TVDSB schools with the opportunity to apply for funding for their own unique priorities.



Granting amount: up to $5,000

Applications: 2 per school (both must be approved by school principal)

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Grants awarded: mid-February 2023

Grant application: Please visit our Sharepoint site HERE for guidelines and application or contact Jackie Ellefsen at 519-452-2000 x20202 or

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