Eagle Heights Expansion - Questions and Comments

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Comment 4: It's too big for an elementary school. Period. Maybe a high school but not an elementary school. Would you want your child going to an elementary school of over 1100 students and quite possibly into the future 1400-1500 students?

Cornerstone Architecture is probably going to have beautiful designs for the proposed expansion. Why not let them build a second new school to best serve families and provide a great elementary school experience for the children who live here. 

  • Did anyone ever ask the school community (students, parents, families, teachers, staff and neighbourhood residents and taxpayers) if they wanted an addition/expansion at Eagle Heights?
  • When the funding announcement was made, the Ministry of Education and the school board declared that this was great news for the Eagle Heights Community. Did anyone even ask the community for their opinion?
  • Funding for new schools was approved for West London and Northwest London. Why was this area of the city (Oxford and Wonderland/Beaverbrook/Oakcrossing/ Capulet/ Cherryhill/Sugar Creek/Proudfoot/Blackfriars-Petersville area not considered for a new school build?

This is the area of the city with the highest population density, a lot of growth, new development.

There are more than enough students to warrant a new school build, a second school to provide elementary education to families in this area.

2 elementary schools makes more sense than an oversized mega school.

I'm pretty sure most children, parents, families, teachers and staff would agree. 

It's always exciting to look at new designs for additions and renovations... however... The Eagle Heights area of the city should be the board's #1 capital priority for a new school build NOT another addition to try and catch up with the growing population.

  • Who made the decision to repeatedly submit a business plan for an addition rather than planning for a new school build in this part of the city? Can we look at the best way to move forward on a plan for a new elementary school for this community.
  • We're planning to provide elementary education to 1200+ students growing to 1400-1500 in the coming years. Why not keep Eagle Heights as is at 680 with its playing fields and school yard and plan to build a new school with space for 600 pupils? We don't want to repeat the same patterns that are going to result in a gigantic elementary school built for 980 students and just keep adding up to 18 portables to accomodate up to 1500 students hidden away behind the school.
  • What land exists in this part of the city for a new school build and how quickly could the board move on this plan?

Response: The Board of Trustees prioritized an addition at Eagle Heights PS a number of years ago in order to manage the growing enrolment at the school. The Ministry of Education supported this approach through its approval of the business case earlier this school year and the design process is now underway. Forfeiting the current approval for an addition and seeking funding for a new school would not guarantee its approval through a future round of the Capital Priorities Program. This would also delay the construction of permanent accommodations for students by many years. The 300 pupil place addition and the boundary changes recommended to the Eagle Heights attendance area as part of the final report for the City of London Elementary Panel Attendance Area Review will significantly reduce the number of portables required on the site. A new school is certainly needed in this area and TDVSB is working with the City of London in order to identify a suitable location based on where new development is being planned. At this time, there are no other school sites available in this area of the City.

Comment 3: What type of community engagement will be available to receive feedback? 

Response: As part of our major capital projects process, a Design Committee has been established to provide input into the expansion at Eagle Heights. The Design Committee consists of representatives from the following groups: students, parents, teachers, principals, trustees, senior administration and facility services staff. The Design Committee's mandate is to help finalize a schematic design that includes the general layout, basic concept drawings and understanding of project requirement and goals.

As we have concluded this portion of the project, we will be looking at setting up a community information session in the coming weeks that will be advertised by our Communications department. As always, we will continue to update our website for this project with any pertinent information.

The community can also submit questions and comments through this form.

Comment 2: What is the latest proposed timeline for this significant work? 

Response: The capital priorities program requires us to go through the Ministry of Education Capital Approval Process. We will be updating the school community once we move further along the Capital Approval Process and are able to better understand construction timelines.

Comment 1: What is the status of [the bus lane] project?

Response: Bus laneways are included in the expansion of the project to take advantage of economies of scale and minimize disruption. 

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