Budget and Financial Reports

To our Thames Valley Communities, 

On behalf of the Thames Valley District School Board Trustees’ we would like to present you with the opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas on the 2020-2021 budget. The budget process is a collaborative process and your input is vital. We will use your feedback in important upcoming budget discussions. We know there will be challenges to address this budget season and we recognise the impact that our decisions have on students, employees and our communities.   

As Trustees, it is our priority to help Thames Valley students achieve excellence while building positive relationships within our communities. Our students deserve to experience equitable, innovative learning opportunities. We are also committed to a strong stewardship of resources and to responsibly deploying public dollars in accordance with the Education Act, in a way that will allow us to effectively carry out the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.  

Based on Ministry of Education guidance, the budget process will proceed at this time. Historically, members of the public have been invited to attend Committee meetings where budget is discussed. Due to COVID-19 and health and safety restrictions for our communities, trustees and staff, our process may look differently than it has in the past. 

We are committed to a transparent and inclusive process. We strive to keep you informed and updated along the way.  We look forward to your input, comments or concerns. 


Thames Valley District School Board Trustees 

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