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2022-2023 Budget - Public Input

To our Thames Valley Communities,

As Chair of the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee for the Thames Valley District School Board, it is my pleasure to lead the Board through this year’s budget process and gather input from the community on how we can work together to improve student achievement and wellbeing.

As one of the largest and most diverse school boards in Ontario, we have a unique set of needs when it comes to what is required to best support TVDSB students and communities. Public feedback provides us with important information about how the community would like to see TVDSB’s budget allocated to better support the operational plan. The Board will remain transparent and inclusive as the budget process unfolds.

TVDSB is committed to a strong stewardship of resources and to responsibly deploying public dollars in accordance with the Education Act, in a way that will allow us to effectively carry out TVDSB’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities. We are incredibly proud of the strength, resilience and growth students and staff have demonstrated through the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 school year.

Moving forward, the Board of Trustees and staff understand it is important that we build a budget that will support a new year of reengagement in our schools, where every student has equitable access to programs and resources, and increased opportunities that lead to success. Over the next few months, the budget process will move forward with presentations made by administration at the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee meetings. We invite all members of the TVDSB community to attend. Information on meeting dates and times can be found on our website: https://calendar.tvdsb.ca/board.

We look forward to your input, comments or concerns.

Sincerely, Corrine Rahman Chair, Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee

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