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As Chair of the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee for the Thames Valley District School Board, I am pleased to lead the Board through this year’s budget process and to offer the opportunity for our community to share their thoughts and opinions on how we can work together to improve student achievement and well-being for all.

Consistent with the past, our TVDSB team takes seriously its responsibility to deploy public dollars consistent with the Education Act and to maximize our ability to carry out our mission, vision, and strategic priorities. We want to engage our students in innovative learning experiences and to help them achieve excellence, to build positive relationships with all members of our community, and continue to champion learning opportunities for all by fostering an equitable and inclusive Board culture.

The Board will remain transparent and inclusive as the budget process unfolds. Your input is essential, and we encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas so that Trustees can use this information to discuss and debate the merits of the budget.

The Trustees and staff enter this budget season understanding that there may be challenging decisions to be made. We recognise the impacts these choices may have on our employees, students, and the community; but our task remains to do what we can, with what we have, where we are – and so we will.

Over the next few months, the budget process will press forward with several presentations made by administration at the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee meetings. You are always welcome to attend!

We look forward to your input, comments or concerns. 

Only together can we build each student’s tomorrow, today!


Jake Skinner

Chair, Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee

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