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Message from the Chair of the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee

On behalf of the Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee for the Thames Valley District School Board, it is my privilege to lead the 2024-2025 budget process in the role of Chair.

Thames Valley is the fourth largest school board in Ontario and continues to experience unprecedented growth, which brings exciting new opportunities and challenges to the district. Today, we proudly serve more than 85,000 students and employ over 14,000 staff to support student success.

Due to significant and ongoing budget pressures currently experienced by school boards across the province, including Thames Valley, this year’s budget process will be particularly challenging. If funding shortfalls continue, we will continue to face serious challenges serving the needs of Thames Valley schools, staff and communities.

Input from the unique and diverse communities we serve will be essential as we move forward in this important process and work together to improve student achievement and well-being.

The Board will remain transparent and inclusive as the budget process unfolds. Thames Valley is committed to the diligent stewardship of resources and to responsibly deploying public dollars in accordance with the Education Act in order to effectively carry out Thames Valley’s mission, vision and strategic priorities.

The budget process will move forward over the coming months at regular Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee meetings. We invite all members of the Thames Valley community to attend. Information on meeting dates and times can be found on our website at calendar.tvdsb.ca/board.

We look forward to hearing your valued feedback and input.



Lori-Ann Pizzolato
Chair, Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee


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