Barb Yeoman

Trustee Barb YeomanBarb Yeoman was elected to the Board in the 2018 municipal election. Healthcare, education and business have been a focus of Barb’s professional life for over 30 years, working in both the public and private sectors. Providing diagnostic information and studying disease processes, as well as teaching ultrasound physics and instrumentation to traditional and non-traditional markets both nationally and internationally, has given Barb a unique perspective into education. She has won two national awards for clinical and technical expertise. Barb's business background has been in consulting, sales, marketing, product and personnel management and regulatory considerations with Health Canada.

Barb and her husband Ken farm north of Woodstock. They are very proud of their family of three children, their spouses and three lovely grandchildren, who continually bring joy into Barb & Ken’s lives. Barb was chair of the School Council at Huron Park Secondary School while her children attended the school and that was the beginning of her interest in further serving her community of Oxford County through the TVDSB.

Barb serves on the following committees: Program & School Services Advisory, Planning & Priorities Advisory, Special Education Advisory and Supervised Alternative Learning.

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  • A.J. Baker Public School
  • Algonquin Public School
  • Annandale Public School
  • Blenheim District Public School
  • Central Public School
  • East Oxford Central Public School
  • Eastdale Public School
  • Emily Stowe Public School
  • Harrisfield Public School
  • Hickson Central Public School
  • Innerkip Central Public School
  • Laurie Hawkins Public School
  • Northdale Public School
  • Oliver Stephens Public School
  • Plattsville & District Public School
  • Roch Carrier French Immersion
  • Public School
  • Royal Roads Public School
  • South Ridge Public School
  • Southside Public School
  • Springbank Public School
  • Tavistock Public School
  • Thamesford Public School
  • Winchester Street Public School
  • Westfield Public School
  • Zorra Highland Park Public School
  • College Avenue Secondary School
  • Glendale High School
  • Huron Park Secondary School
  • Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute
  • Woodstock Collegiate Institute

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