2019 Facts and Stats

We are one of the largest public school boards in Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 kilometres and across more than 7,000 square kilometres.

Thames Valley came into being on January 1, 1998, with the amalgamation of the Elgin County Board of Education, the Board of Education for the City of London, Middlesex County Board of Education and Oxford County Board of Education.


Elementary: 132
Secondary: 29


Elementary: 55,274.78 (average daily enrolment)
Secondary: 22,665.53 (average daily enrolment)


Elementary Students: 24,078 
Special Needs: 791

Secondary Students: 9,932
Special Needs: 662


Principals and Vice-Principals: 291
Elementary Teachers: 3,507
Secondary Teachers: 1,700
Educational Assistants: 1034
Early Childhood Educators: 407
Continuing Education Instructors: 62
Professional and Support: 170
Custodial and Maintenance: 694
Office and Clerical: 407
Senior Administrative: 35
Other: 198
Total: 8,505

Energy Consumption

Electricity: 72,663,312 kWh
Natural Gas: 12,551,034 cubic metres
Propane: 134,367 L


Secondary Bandwith Total (usage per week): 62.43 TB

Elementary Bandwith Total (usage per week): 48.30 TB

Student consumption:

Each high school student uses approximately 2.7gb or 2700 mb per week

Each elementary school student uses approximately 0.874 gb or 874 mb per week

Number of wireless access points: 6908

Waste Management

Recycling: 440, 789 kg per year
Average of 36,500 kg per month

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