2019 Chair's Message

Chair Arlene Morell

The Annual Report gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and celebrate our accomplishments. Throughout this online report you will learn of many successes in all areas of our organization.

Last year saw many changes. One of which was the retirement of Laura Elliott as our Director of Education. As a Director, Laura was an agent of change at a time when the Thames Valley needed it most. She brought a global perspective that helped us understand that we could focus on local school communities while working to develop global citizens. I want to thank Laura for her dedication to our Board, our students and our staff and wish her all the best on her retirement.

I am also excited to welcome Mark Fisher as our new Director of Education. Mark is an optimistic and proactive problem-solver, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role of Director. I look forward to working with Mark and to his leadership in this critical role.

We also welcomed a new team of Trustees who have demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting student achievement and well-being. Together, we will continue to advocate for the effective delivery of K-12 education in our Board.

The 2018-19 school year was full of many successes. In February, we welcomed parent engagement expert Dr. Debbie Pushor. During her presentation, Pushor emphasized the importance of building genuine relationships and a sense of trust between teachers and families, and reminded us how authentic parent engagement is critical for student success.

One World, Thames Valley’s new International Welcome Centre, opened its doors in June. One World helps international students and newly arrived Canadians transition to school life at Thames Valley and brings all services for new international students into a single location, making the registration process easy.

Moving forward, we will continue our work on strengthening our relationships with the communities we serve, as well as remain focussed on our three strategic priorities: relationships, equity and diversity, and achievement and well-being. It will be a busy and exciting year and I look forward to all our successes.

In closing, I want to thank our Board of Trustees for their vision, and our Administration and staff for their ongoing support for our students. I look forward to serving you as Chair for another term.


Arlene Morell
Chair of the Board

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