2018 Message from the Chair of the Board

The Annual Report gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and celebrate our successes. It also allows us to look forward and continue building on our goal of improving the lives of our students.

One of the most important things we can do to promote student success is create a positive school culture. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of background, identity or personal circumstances. We are proud of the work our Board has done to make this a reality for our students. The result of this work is a positive learning environment where student achievement, well-being and equity is top priority.

In the fall of 2017, we began the process to revise our Strategic Plan. Our new plan identified three priorities: 1) Building positive relationships; 2) Promoting equity and diversity; and 3) Improving student achievement and well-being. We have made great strides towards these goals already.

In April we held the first ever Elementary Pride Conference. Over 250 students from 50+ Elementary schools and many community organizations gathered to "Celebrate You", which empowered students to find their voice, embrace diversity, and promote inclusion through allyship.

We launched a mental health program to model everyday practices for mental health and well-being to students, staff and parents. The program provided students with age-appropriate information about stress - both its effect on the body and how to notice when one is stressed, by recognizing important body cues. During the 2017-2018 school year, 52 schools participated as well as various staff groups.

This plan will continue to be the foundation for the work we do at the Thames Valley. We look forward to learning of the new and innovative ways our administration and future trustees will help bring this document to life and help us achieve our mission of building each students tomorrow, every day.

In closing, we want to thank our Board of Trustees for their vision, and our Administration and staff for their ongoing support for our students.

Public Education has the ability to leave a lasting positive impact for generations to come. It is the hope of our students and the promise of their futures that drives us to do more, to work hard and to never give up on anyone in our Thames Valley family.

Matt Reid                                                                     Arlene Morell
Chair of the Board, 2017- 2018                                Chair of the Board, 2018- 2019

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