2018 Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

Our Board Improvement Plan aligns with goals of building global competencies and improving student achievement in math.

Thames Valley's Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) provides a framework of goals and expectations to assist educators to achieve our Strategic Priorities. In 2016, board staff developed three key objectives to align the BIPSA to the specific strategies to improve Global Competencies and student achievement in Numeracy.

Objective 1. Improve educator pedagogy and knowledge.

  • Encouraging educators to gain a deep understanding of content and curriculum and developing strategies to accommodate the diverse needs of all learners.

Objective 2. Increase the social and professional capital of educators.

  • Expand opportunities for educators to collaborate with each other, share best practices, and seek out knowledgeable experts and resources to build decision-making on sound research.

Objective 3. Increase the use of school-based data to inform pedagogy and decision-making.

  • Increase our capacity to collect, analyze and interpret school-based data to help teachers evaluate their teaching methods as well as provide student feedback.

A detailed report, TVDSB Numeracy Update, was presented to Trustees about the Board's numeracy strategy.

Global Competency
Our Rethink Secondary Learning documents outline our commitment to redesign secondary learning environments to create opportunities for students and staff to achieve global competencies, which are critical for our students to thrive in our continuously evolving world.

Board Profile - Provincial Assessment
An overview of TVDSB performance on the EQAO Primary (Grade 3), Junior (Grade 6), and the Grade 9 Mathematics assessment as well as the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) can be found on our Provincial Assessment page. Here you can view our results for the past 5 years. 


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