Thames Valley joins corporate and municipal partners to expand Wi-Fi access

Posted On Wednesday May 13, 2020

A unique collaboration between Thames Valley, the Counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford and technology company Cisco Canada will make wireless Internet more accessible to families and staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of Thames Valley’s efforts to ensure all students can participate in distance based learning while schools are closed, the Board has distributed more than 600 wireless enabled devices to families who do not have access to the Internet at home.

But even families that do have Internet access may be faced with weak or unreliable wireless signals due to locations of cellular towers or other cabling services in rural areas. Still other families may only be able to afford limited Internet bandwidth each month.

To help bridge these gaps in internet accessibility, Cisco will be assisting in the enhancements of Wi-Fi signals outside select school and municipal buildings. Community members can connect to the Internet free of charge and without the need for passwords.

Locations are currently being finalized but include 10 public libraries in Middlesex County, 10 public libraries in Elgin, 14 public libraries in Oxford and may include other municipal buildings. We will continue to update the list of Wi-Fi locations as more are added.

TVDSB is working with Fanshawe College to explore how they may participate in a similar partnership.


List of Wi-Fi locations

County of Elgin Libraries:

  • Aylmer Library, 38 John Street South, Aylmer 
  • Belmont Library, 14134 Belmont Road, Belmont 
  • Dutton Library, 236 Shacleton Street, Dutton 
  • Port Burwell Library, 21 Pitt Street, Port Burwell 
  • Port Stanley Library, 302 Bridge Street, Port Stanley 
  • Rodney Library, 207 Furnival Road, Rodney 
  • Shedden Library, 35921 Talbot Line, Shedden
  • Springfield Library, 12105 Whittaker Road, Springfield
  • Straffordville Library, 9366 Plank Road, PO Box 209 Straffordville
  • West Lorne Library, 160A Main Street, West Lorne

County of Middlesex Libraries:

  • Ailsa Craig Library, 147 Main Street, Ailsa Craig
  • Coldstream Library, 10227 Ilderton Road, Coldstream
  • Delaware Library, 29 Young Street, Delaware
  • Ilderton Library, 40 Heritage Drive, Ilderton
  • Komoka Library, 1 Tunks Lane, Komoka
  • Melbourne Library, 6570 Longwoods Road, Melbourne
  • Mt Brydges Library, 22501 Adelaide Road, Mt. Brydges
  • Parkhill Library, 229 B Main Street, Parkhill
  • Thorndale Library, 21790 Fairview Road, Thorndale
  • Wardsville Library, 21935 Hagerty Road, Wardsville

County of Oxford Libraries

  • Brownsville Public Library, 292240 Culloden Road, Brownsville 
  • Burgessville Public Library, 604 Main Street South (Hwy.59), Burgessville 
  • Embro Public Library, 135 Huron Street (Oxford 6), Embro 
  • Harrington Public Library, 539 Victoria Street, Embro
  • Ingersoll Public Library, 130 Oxford Street, Ingersoll 
  • Innerkip Public Library, 695566 17th Line, Innerkip, (Innerkip Community Centre)
  • Mount Elgin Library, 333204 Plank Line (Hwy 19), Mount Elgin 
  • Norwich Public Library, 10 Tidey Street, Norwich 
  • Otterville Public Library, 207 Main Street West (Oxford 19), Otterville 
  • Plattsville Public Library, 112 Mill Street East, Plattsville 
  • Princeton Public Library, 25 Main Street, Princeton 
  • Tavistock Public Library, 40 Woodstock St.South, Tavistock 
  • Thamesford Public Library, 165 Dundas Street (Hwy 2), Thamesford 
  • Tillsonburg Public Library, 2 Library Lane, Tillsonburg

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