Board of Trustees hears School Name Review Committee report

Posted On Tuesday May 24, 2022

The Board of Trustees received a report from the School Name Review Committee for information at Tuesday night’s Board meeting, which outlined considerations for the naming and renaming of schools.  Recognizing that this process will require careful consideration and ample timelines, Trustees directed Thames Valley Administration to return to the Board with a proposed plan to implement the Committee’s recommendations by December 2022. 

The School Name Review Committee was established to support a motion from the Board of Trustees to conduct a review of all Thames Valley schools, facilities and learning environments named after individuals as per a motion passed on June 22, 2021.  

The purpose of the Committee’s review was to ensure school names across the District continue to reflect the Board’s commitment to promoting human rights, equity and inclusive learning environments that honour the diversity of Thames Valley schools.  

Included in the Committee’s report were recommendations to rename Sir John A Macdonald Public School and F.D. Roosevelt Public School due to their namesakes’ historical ties to racism and discrimination.

Also included were recommendations for the Board of Trustees to seek input from members of the community regarding several other school names and to provide school communities with access to accurate information about their school’s namesake. 

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